Launch Party at Hares & Hyenas- Thank You!


Well, it took us two and a half years to complete this project but the wonderful part is where we get to celebrate with our friends and colleagues. We did this on March 1st at Hares & Hyenas bookstore with a great turnout of over 50 people. For a little self-published book written by two women who just followed their dreams off their own backs, I think this is quite an accoDSC_0154mplishment.

We were sorry that not all of our couples could make it,but seeing as they stretch from rural Victoria all the way up to regional Queensland we couldn’t have expected more. Those of you who couldn’t make it were not forgotten and were well discussed by those looking forward to meeting you. But lives and paths cross in many directions and you never know what or who may be just around the corner. We had the opportunity to talk about how the project came to be, and share with the audience some of the trials and tribulations involved. From a little chat over lunch and wine in a Rathdowne Street café to travels over three states, a crowdfunding campaign and now a book launch we rounded off a crazy and ambitious vision to write a book to inspire others.

DSC_0150We also were able to thank the many people involved with the book who shared our passion. Michelle Dunn who illuminated our vision with her photography. Our graphic designer Alyson Pearson; Al while you were off being young and free in London Town you still kept on working. A total professional who untangled every curly problem we threw at her.
Phyllis Papps, our editor surprised us by getting up and thanking us, and spoke so beautifully about how much she enjoyed working on the project.
We couldn’t have done any of this without the couples within the book who opened the doors of their homes and studios to allow us to share their stories. We are also grateful to Rowland and Crusader of Hares & Hyenas for giving is the space to launch the book and party. It was a fantastic afternoon. Seeing so many couples meet one another for the first time was greatly satisfying. Seeing where everyone goes from here will be really exciting. The only regret we have is not being able to spend enough time with all who came from so far to see us and celebrate with us. We know there were so many people, writers, editors, activists, feminists, performers and friends who came along. How blessed we are to have been able to facilitate such a wonderful crowd.


Finally I want to stress the philosophy behind CO_The Creative Couples Project as we now get the book out into stores around the country and publicise what we know to be great stories. There was always the risk that we would be too hard to categorise, and this is a reality of doing what we do. Too gay, too straight… but we reject that. This is a book about people living creatively. The couples in this book all share the experience of choosing to live a creative life in a sometimes less than supportive world. Our couples are gay, straight, fluid, and some redefine what a traditional relationship is. We are all allies. We are all equally mad and brilliant.

The book is available to purchase from the following places with hopefully more to come.

Through our Pozible Shop

Hares & Hyenas, 63 Johnston Street, Fitzroy.

Murwillumbah, Northern New South Wales:
Bowerbird Emporium, 9 Wollumbin Street, Murwillumbah.
Heidi’s Place, 6 Queen Street, Muriwllumbah.


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