We still believe it’s Pozible!

WE ARE NOW COUNTING DOWN UNTIL JANUARY 13th, the final day of our campaign. Here’s an update.

UPDATE: Our Pozible campaign has been re-launched, running until January 13th 2014. We are aiming to fund the PHOTOGRAPHY and PRINTING. We’ve got a lot of rewards for anything from a $5 pledge. Support our art, and we will thank you by sharing some back. Anything over the Target will go directly into the book.

The most popular reward has been the $100 reward. Check out loot you end up with. PLUS we are now giving you a BONUS reward offer for $100 and over:

We’ll give you a profile on our blog page, whether you are a couple, individual, creative siblings, or part of any other creative cooperative. We’ll run a CO_ creative couples project-style mini interview with you on www.creativecouplesproject.com. Pass it along!

FOR THOSE ON TIGHT BUDGETS LIKE US! $5 gets you a postcard and a joyous feeling inside. Bargain! Add another $5 and that CO_ postcard becomes a vessel of micropoetry to be sailed in your direction.

Got Twenty Five Dollars. Y’all get some sexy CO_ bookmarks. They fit all books. Unless they’re books for ants. Come on…what have you got to lose?


Original Post below:

“Feel the fear and do it anyway…”

This is one of our mantras, right alongside “There are other ways of living”, so when we decided to try crowd funding and self publishing our upcoming book CO_ The Creative Couples Project,  naturally we followed our own advice, felt the fear and did it anyway.

Now that we are half way, we are in a state of flux, wavering between “what the hell have we done?” and “Que sera sera”. We have had many former and successful Pozible peeps telling us not to worry, there is always a huge rush of pledged close to the end as people who have been following you will begin to make theirs. This is all lovely, but is keeping us on tenderhooks right now. Each day a new white hair sprouts. Missy’s formerly brown chin is all white…poor pooch.

The rollercoaster ride that is our Pozible campaign started with a bang. A flurry of excitement and generosity, then infinite and loud as hell silence… We began to question whether we were doing it wrong. After what we thought has been a pretty long and fairly good social media run since we began, we couldn’t really fail ourselves on that. Were we too stuck in the interwebs and not enough in the real world? So we set out to post our flyers and posters around the Northern Rivers and sent them to our wonderful supporters and couples north and south who have been posting them in cafe’s and shops. Thanks team!  They do look pretty good, don’t you think?


Then we started to hear back from some emails and got some great write ups! We want to thank them here and give you a chance to have a look:





GRACIAS, ALGA (Australian Gay and Lesbian Archives) for adding us to your bulletin. (Read below)

The Creative Couples Project is a book about couples who ‘live creatively and push the boundaries’. It is being produced by Cecile Knight and Belinda Raposo, and among the same-sex couples featured are ALGA members Phyllis Papps and Francesca Curtis, who were active in the Australian chapter of Daughters of Bilitis (later Australasian Lesbian Movement) in its earliest days. Francesca was arguably the first self-identified homosexual person to present herself full-face on Australian television (The Bailey Report, c. June 1970). They have been together 43 years. Phyllis is contributing her expertise as editor for the project. The book is nearing completion and the team is fundraising for publication. This is being done by means of ‘crowd funding’ — through the POZIBLE fundraising campaign — where team members offer an object or service which is then bid for by interested members of the public. Phyllis and Francesca are offering an audio file and signed transcript of the Bailey File program. The deadline is 30 November — details at http://www.pozible.com/project/6159. For more information about the project, see creativecouplesproject.com.

And to all our friends, thank you. Pozible is getting pretty big these days and there are so many amazing projects out there to support, like the ones we have supported. We still believe it is a beautiful thing. A little money from a lot of people can go such a long way. We believe in the stories we have to tell, and we believe people want to read them. We also believe in the power of community projects supporting one another which is why we are here. 12 couples, several communities, encircled by sub-communities, nestled in larger communities like matroyshka dolls.

Artists communities, music, theatre and festival communities. LGBTI communities, urban, regional and rural communities… This is why we are hoping to self publish- how the hell do you categorise us? We aren’t interested in being pigeonholed anyway.

So please continue doing all the great work you have been doing to support us, share us. We have a heap of rewards to suit all budgets, and many of them are limited release pieces. We just really want to get this book out to you and to the high standards we all expect.

And if you are holding off ’til later in the game…please put us out of our misery! Throw us a bone! We’ll throw one back.




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