A Creative Long Weekend

Over the Easter long weekend, one must decide how to spend the 4 day weekend, should you be lucky enough to score the quadrella. One option is to gorge on chocolate, however, this leaves one with a lingering sense of Mea Culpa and more guilt than a Catholic confessional booth. Another would be to use Good Friday as an excuse to eat loads and loads of fish and seafood, as though over-consumption is a pre-approved activity sanctioned by the church. Tick. Better yet, why not skip the guilt, the tummy pains and get inspired.


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Full moon howling in Byron tonight. #fullmoon #byronbay #bbff

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We decided to take in the best of the local arts events in our area. It began with the Full Moon Cinema in Byron Bay. Having been cancelled the previous month due to ridiculous amounts of water from the sky, it was much anticipated and a great end to the Byron Bay Film Festival. The main feature was Inuk, a story set in the rather white land of Greenland. From my simple vantage point, I felt this was a tale of the destruction of indigenous cultures interwoven with the loss of natural habitat and climate change, told through the story of a young boy coming to terms with his past and understanding his future.  But then again, that’s just what I got out of it…


We were lucky enough to attend the opening of the Northern Rivers Creative Pop Up Shop, an initiative of Arts Northern Rivers and now on at the Old Library in Byron Bay. Showing until April 28th, we caught up with our buddy Joanna Kambourian who we know as part of Ms Browns Lounge and Ms Browns Press in the space they manage, Lismore Art Space. Jo has titled her new work “You should take my advice…” and is inspired by her Art Director father’s great sayings. The work is fun and vibrant, and we are particularly excited to hear the Pop Up Shop will be touring to Sydney next! You might be seeing more of Jo and the Lismore Art Space in the near future…

Given that this region of the Northern Rivers is home to a higher concentration of creative practitioners than any other part of Australia, I think this Pop Up Shop is a wonderful initiative and a chance to show off just some of the creative community which we are now a part of. Congratulations to Jo and all the artists, musicians and designers. Oh, and Kelly Sullivan‘s paintings had us in stitches. Kelly is a pop artist if you feel like pasting a label on art, and uses imagery from the popular culture she grew up surrounded by. Best line from an artist Bio goes to “Her parents met at an Elvis look-a-like competition when they were 16″. Ace.

The Pop Up is on until April 28th so set along if you are in the region, and if not, we will keep you posted on the next Pop Up locations. Oh, and see if you can spot us amongst the other beautiful stuff here.


IMG_20130330_141323(1)We were lucky enough to meet a wonderful photographer and all round great guy, Ted Harvey that night at the Pop Up (thanks Jo!) and he happened to be giving a floor talk at Retrospect Galleries Byron Bay that weekend, where his own photos were on show. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to hear the stories behind the images of Robert Plant and Led Zeppelin during their Australian tour of ’72, and were as enthralled by the stories told by this humble and unassuming man as the rest of the crowd. Ted was a freelance rock photographer in those days, and there is a wonderful tale of lost photographs and hidden gems forgotten for decades, before being rediscovered a few years ago. The images showing now in Byron were to coincide with Plant’s visit to Australia for Bluesfest 2013. There are a couple more days to see these, along with stunning shots of Cat Stevens, Elton John and Liza Minelli, our personal favourite. Thanks Ted! IMG_20130330_115428

The show closes April 11th.


What we love about being in a region which boasts so many creatives, is that there is always something happening, a story being told through image, song or simply through the eyes of a kind soul. We look forward to bathing in more creative Northern Rivers light…


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