Fire and Rain; A Creative Roadtrip 2013

We began ou37065_10152473225375624_654110367_nr new year by heading off on a Co- roadtrip. The plan was to meet some of our couples for our obligatory meet and greet. Not content with avatars and embedded smiles, we have been getting out there and getting to know our couples face to face before asking them to part with their creative secrets for our upcoming book. This has seen us travelling along the East Coast and in and across western Victoria, and right back up to the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. This time we visited hillside hamlets below the Dandenong Ranges, and inner city artist dwellings in the inner north of Melbourne.


On the drive down we took the inland way, stopping for a tense night of camping in Coonabarabran. Fires were tearing though the Warrumbungles, and as we set up camp in town, thick hot air was barely relieved by sprinkles of rain which brought as 14826_10152442628365624_698764083_ndown on our makeshift home. As we drove on the next day we wondered what else we might encounter. When we hit Melbourne, our gracious host and an excitable retriever met us with cold beer and buckets of laughter. Our chariot (well, the Subaru) got sent to the doctor for a few days and a few more hundred dollars so our gracious host became our chauffeur and off we went for our days of creative meetings.

One of our couples dwell in the cool ranges of Belgrave, artisans and experts in their crafts, running a shop front which houses the art and wares of local artists. They stitch and hammer love into their work, collaborating and co-weaving IMG_20130118_182316creative karma in their community initiatives along the way. We are sure you’ll love them.

Another couple share an urban work space divided by a red cord, which respectfully separates the creative space between their work as individuals and their lives as a couple.

Finally we met a pair who exude energy in subtle undertones, who speak of their work with humility. Their creative chemistry combines art, science and charitable kindness. Those who moan that youth is wasted on the young have not met this couple…

19499_10152475340720624_18089802_nOn our return trip we took a sharp turn at Armidale and onto Dorrigo, where water was the new theme and would continue to be. With a couple of days spare before work and life was due to once again begin, we found ourselves battening down the hatches and holing up for the impending arrival of an angry ex-cyclone Oswald which befriended a tornado somewhere along the way and gave us river views where we previously did not have any.


As the clean up began, we were left with the feeling that something which has been incubating for so long will soon be born, fuelled by the twin souls of fear and adrenaline. Open the windows and the doors after the passing of a storm. Run toward the pot of gold. Feel the fear and do it anyway…

February 2013


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