Space and Place

This is our year, 2013. There is momentum in her young wings already…


Well, 2013 is now upon us and I feel sighs of relief coming like waves. So many around us seems to be more than happy to bid 2012 adieu, and the creators of CO_The Creative Couples Project are no different.

Sure, there were many wonderful things to be thankful for, as there always are. But the year began to weigh heavy by December, and this made the unknown promises of 2013 all the more alluring.

We watched our friends and family around us deal with illness, separation, falling outs, general upheaval. We sat back as cuts were made to the arts, TAFE, and felt our hearts heavy with disappointment as our elected leaders failed to understand the importance of marriage equality.

On a personal level, we spent the year feeling completely displaced and trying to deal with the loss of stability as we searched for a new place to call home. It took us across three states, over a period of 12 months and left us temporarily without work spaces and thinking spaces. What we did learn was how important a creative work space truly is to any creative soul.

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A place to watch the seasons and storms roll in…that helps…

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A place to view the changing seasons…to watch the rain coming…


Studio, study, den, workshop, shed, garage…whatever the space and wherever it lies, creative minds must find a place to call their own. The studio, we’ll call it, becomes the incubator for ideas. Though we moved in a couple of weeks ago, a traditional New Year clean and cleanse is making our studios glow with the warmth of life.


Some of you may know that our journey began in Melbourne, and took us through Daylesford, back to Melbourne, up to the Gold Coast and finally sees us resting in Murwillumbah, New South Wales, about 40 minutes from Byron Bay. Melbourne will always be our second home, and nothing will change that. It was simply not where we needed to be right now. Twice yearly trips will see us inhaling the culture, the food, the stories, but returning to the  place in the Tweed Valley we will now call home.

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Setting up the studio on new years day.

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…treating each space as sacred…

Finally having a base has not only fulfilled that need to incubate our creativity, but it has also given us back something we had lost during the last 12 months; a sense of PLACE, of BELONGING. Being visible and active in the community is a goal of ours. We are not content to simply take from the town in which we live and fly under the radar.

Since we have been in town we have been made to feel so welcome; wine with neighbours, gifts from gardens, and the comfort of existing friends reminding us they are just a stones’ throw away.

So, for the Creative Couples Project, it is time to thank the earth for the gift of this beautiful place and space, and to share what we have; the stories of our inspirational, creative couples. This is our year, 2013. There is momentum in her young wings already…

We would love to hear your own stories or struggles with creative places and spaces.

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How important is a nice vista when setting up a creative work space?

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…this is where this book will partly happen! Oh, and out there in the creative spaces of our couples…


4 thoughts on “Space and Place

  1. An amazing journey you ladies have been on and I’m SO extremely happy you’ve found your place. Can’t wait to get started on the Creative Couples adventure with you in 2013. Love you both xo

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