Belinda Shows Me Hers

As a follow up to the interview Belinda did with Cecile (me), the tables have now been turned. I asked Belinda how she feels about this creative life of ours and what she would change about the world with her creative superpowers…….

Cecile: Would you say you have a common thread which runs through your writing?

Belinda: There’s a certain darkness which runs throughout my work, and this includes more humourous pieces as well. I think I tend to write about the darker aspects of life, or my life, with a hint of lightheartedness and laughter.  I would say there are a few key moments in my life which have been the springboards for all my present writing. It may not be a direct reference, but the feelings acquired from an event from years ago which still needs to be addressed creatively. I guess in that sense, writing helps me to make meaning of my own experience.

Cecile: If you could change one aspect of our society through your work, what would it be?

Belinda: I guess that which I would ultimately wish to change mirrors the changes I strive to make within myself.  Like complacency, and fear; not just waiting for someone else to pave the way for you but paving it yourself.

Awareness is a goal of mine as well; to bring to the fore of social awareness the quiet and the under-represented people who are referred to as “minorities” as though that equates to “matter less”. There are creatures in our society who remain voiceless and writing can bring a voice to this dark corner of the world.

People are dealing everyday with prejudice or discrimination due to their sexuality, gender, mental health… or because they are children. This is what makes me create. Getting the work read is a challenge though… So I feel rather voiceless myself at times.

Cecile: What do you dream to be your ultimate collaborative project with your partner (Me!)?

Belinda: We have been creating together since we met, really. For me, Cecile really sparked the dormant creativity which had been in me for many, many years. Since she began working with clay, there has been a natural flow of ideas. I think this really reflects us as individuals too, with Cecile being an earth sign and myself air. She helps ground my floaty thoughts, and our practices complement this.

The best example of this is a work of Cecile’s titled Drifters. This inspired me to compose a poem, The Drifters. It is very much earth-based and a little political at the same time. We are looking at ways to bring these works together whether it be an installation or exhibition collaboration. So for me bringing “poetry and pottery” together is the ultimate collaboration of earth and air (spirit). Living a life of honesty and integrity will forever be our greatest creative collaboration though.

The Drifters 
A gunmetal sky rolls
Over Tamworth, today
We dig a path from
Dubbo to Dorrigo
Carve deep into well worn
Roads, through lands
Stolen and sold.
We all buy and steal, seemingly
Sold but all we ever
really bought once
was stole.
Rent stolen lands
Drive through towns whose
Billboards acknowledge
at least
Owners whose elders land
Was that which was stole
As hands pass down
And gratefully exchange
Damaged soil and vanishing sands
            (is it too late to buy the wisdom
            of elders, or do we
            steal that too?)
Still, we can hold
In our hands and drink the
Healing waters of the
Promised Lands, Drifters
Down the Bellinger as rain
Hitches a river ride and
Carries with it       
Our hopes that we too
Might buy a piece of
This land and promise to
Live right.

Take a peek at Belinda's Blog

Copyright © Creative Couples Project 2012

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