Photo Shoot; Phillip Island to Daylesford

The weekend just gone saw us make the first of our trips for the purpose of photographing our couples, with the talented Michelle of Michelle Dunn Photography. Our aim was twofold; One was to capture the space in which our creative couples dwell, where the art, food, life and love happens. When invited into someone’s home, I feel it is best to tread as if on sacred ground. It is humbling and inspiring to see and feel how people live. Sharing food with new friends who open up their lives and homes to you is timeless and ancient in its gesture of generosity. Offering a guest food and drink is such a simple extension of goodwill which one can take for granted.

The other aim was to visually capture our couples in a way which conveys their connection, their energy and spirits in true and genuine images. Michelle does this with such ease and it is amazing to watch.

We couldn’t give away too much and spoil the fun, but we do want to give you a little look through the Creative Couples Project lens and see what we are super excited about right now.

DAY ONE: A trip to the seaside.

Phyllis and Francesca live on Phillip Island, Victoria…their art is the word, and their humble little log cabin is filled with seaside treasures and intriguing collections of items. Over lunch we discussed their activism work in the 70’s, as voices for the push for gay and lesbian visibility and equality. We listened, enthralled by their tales, and shared our own experiences as we looked out over the bay and pier. Back at their home, Buffy the dog kept watch as we flipped though pages of precious memories in a photo album…

DAY TWO: A garden of artists.

The following day we visited Meg and Patrick in Daylesford, Victoria. A sharp winter breeze gained strength as we ventured into the garden this couple draw their inspiration from. Every plot, each leaf in their garden is grown from with love, and it gives back the same. Inside, a warmth emanates from colour, art and the buzzing of more creative people popping over. We left feeling a longing to dig our own hands into the earth and live true to our own spirits, as this creative couple do.

Thank you to our couples for sharing their homes and allowing us a glimpse, and to Michelle for bringing vision to our vision. We are so lucky to have such talent bringing our book to life!

Copyright © Creative Couples Project 2012



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