Cecile Shows Me Hers

In the first of our Mini Interviews, “Show Me Yours and I’ll Show you Mine”, I spoke to my partner and the co-creator of Creative Couples Project, Cecile Knight. It’s a snapshot of her creative modus operandi and her views on creative partnerships.  Take your beige coloured glasses off for this one!

Belinda: Cecile, you are one half of a creative couple. What does this mean to you?

Cecile: Well, for me it’s about working together to realise a shared goal of a creative life, it’s a deep collective determination into a world of co-creativity; there is no judgment, just IMG_20130628_163537 - Copytrust. And that goes both ways. By sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus we can broaden our scope with things that are creative in nature and creative in life. Being the partner of a writer is fun, I am the first and sometimes the only person to read Belinda’s short stories and impromptu poetry pieces. If a creative opportunity came up for one of us we would find a way to make it happen. We believe in the importance of staying true to our creative lives together, no idea is too big or too small for us, it all counts towards the bigger picture of our creative life journey. This quote by John Davis in 1989 is a philosophy we both share “In reality, I make one work over my life, so that when it’s all finished, there are a number of parts or contributions to an overall piece, each linking to another in some way.”

Belinda: How important is it to have creative time-out from your partner or family?

Cecile: The time I spend alone is very important to my practice; it’s an opportunity for me to be entirely right brain focused. I need time to be able to make sense of my ideas and make them happen.  A part of my practice is creating site-specific installations in nature, this is a practice I have done alone for some time now and I probably wouldn’t have it any other way. There is something special about being the only person present when creating these works, for me it’s about relying on my own intuition and finding a place to create in the most natural and respectful way possible. I tend to submerge myself in research of geography, activism or anthropology this helps me to ground the work to the location. I do document the work with photography, this way the public can see what I’ve done out there, but this to me is an entirely new work altogether.

Belinda: Creativity is about more than art isn’t it?

Cecile: A good question and a very true statement, creativity is about life, it’s about the food we grow and harvest, the homes we create, the relationships we form and the way we choose to view our surroundings. We can either choose to wear beige coloured glasses or we can choose to think deeply and live a life of truth whether it takes shape through the form of activism, teaching, sustainability, or through the language we use to describe our truth. Creativity is more than the crafting of art objects or of words; it’s also about the relationships we create with like-minded people through a collaborative project, a teaching or a conversation.


Artist Documentary on Cecile and her practice by Photographer Michelle Dunn.

Copyright © Creative Couples Project 2012



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