A Creative Powerhouse

American designers Charles and Ray Eames were a creative couple powerhouse that brought unique genius to their union. He was an architect by training; she a painter and sculptor.

Their work was outstanding in the development of modern design during the post-war period and together as a creative duo designed their own home in Los Angeles, California, in 1949. The Eames House reflects the personality of both Eames’, its modernist, prefabricated form being attributed to Charles architecture and its Mondrianesque presence betraying Ray Eames’ artistic training.We have the Eames’ to thank for the invention of moulded ply-wood furniture that is still so popular today.

Charles once said, “Eventually everything connects—people, ideas, objects… the quality of the connections is the key to quality per se… I don’t believe in this ‘gifted few’ concept, just in people doing things they are really interested in doing. They have a way of getting good at whatever it is”. (1)

The Eames’ were a multi-disciplinary duo and produced museum exhibitions, architecture, furniture, toys, slide-shows, logotypes, books, photography, paintings and over 100 films. One truly poetic film entitled Tops was one that caught my eye, shot from the extreme perspectives of close-ups – a approach that lets the viewers observe the toys as if from the eyes of a child.

The husband-and-wife team would cofunction fully throughout their careers. Ray Eames’ artistic training and ability greatly determined the output of their studio as well as the interior design and decoration of the Eames’ House. They had a keen sense of history and culture, and spent a good deal of time researching before they committed to a project. If they could build upon their own heritage, rather than create in a new way, they would. They wouldn’t innovate just for the sake of innovation. Charles and Ray Eames were paramount in their fields and demonstrate a flawless archetype of the Creative Couples Project.

(1) eamesfoundation.org

Copyright © Creative Couples Project 2012

3 thoughts on “A Creative Powerhouse

    • Yes indeed….. they lived co-creatively throughout their entire lives together. Truely an inspiration to us all! Thank you for you input David! Oh and if you haven’t watched the “Spin Tops” video posted above do yourself a favour and do so, it’s absolutely mesmerizing!

      • Thanks! I have several collections of their films on VCR, they are all fantastic. My favorite is their one on trains.

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