They were both big dreamers….

John and Sunday Reed are our most prized Patron Saints; Heide is where the very fruitful seed was planted almost three years ago, and is now growing into the Creative Couples Project. Sunday would be proud to have this stand in her garden.

When we first visited the Heide Museum in 2009 we fell in love; the art, the heart, the garden. We could hardly comprehend its beauty and its history. It was built with love, for the love of creative hearts.

“They were both big dreamers and they always had a grand vision. So the idea of taking Heide forward as a museum with new architecture, new vistas and new windows, literally and metaphorically, through which to gaze, consolidates their different passions and their vision of bringing the past and present, the natural world and the built environment together. Bringing artists together in much the same way”(1.)

The Reeds opened their land and small farmhouse on the banks of the Yarra to some of Australia’s best known painters, writers, activists, philosophers; Sidney Nolan, Joy Hestor, Albert Tucker, Sam Atyeo, Michael Keon, Danila Vassilieff, Mirka Mora, Charles Blackman, Arthur Boyd, John Perceval, Mike Brown and many others.

The Heide Museum of Modern Art is an enduring monument to John and Sunday Reed and many of the artists they fostered.

(1.) Janine Burke, Writer.

Copyright © Creative Couples Project 2012


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